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Every Day Is a Fairy Tale


Back to Childhood Your First Furniture What sort of furniture should you choose for the nursery? Parents believe that the room ought to have ample storage space, while the child, on the contrary, wants more space to play. Each side has a point, but when furnishing a nursery, we sometimes have to make tough decisions, sacrificing valuable play space in favour of an extra closet, meanwhile dreaming of the furniture that would be both capacious and adaptable.

If only it could be used when playing...

Can you remember yourself as a child? Haven’t you dreamed of finding yourself in a fairy tale, becoming its character, even if just for a while? Wouldn’t it be amazing to live in a castle, to fly on a dragon, or to end up on an island and go treasure hunting? Imagine yourself on stage performing for the audience of dolls... These are, perhaps, the most powerful of our childhood experiences, the kind of memories we cherish in our hearts...

So, in an effort to combine seemingly incompatible things, there’s no other choice but to take decisive action – turn your furniture into a toy! Challenging, isn’t it? Impressive – that’s for sure.

And everyone’s interests are taken into account. Putting things in their places will also be much more fun – almost a game to play.

Why not?

We are pleased to present you with our unique furniture, which, along with its main function, can be converted into a real toy. Do you want a castle for a knight? Or a wardrobe for a princess? It’s yours to have! But in this case, the castle will also serve as a wardrobe, while the princess’ wardrobe can be turned into a palace. Plus, there will be plenty of room for clothes, books, CDs, and much more. In addition, what’s even more important, your child can contemplate beauty from a very early age.


You can return to the fairy tale! Moreover, our fairy tale can contribute to developing your child’s good taste, sense of harmony. Such a nursery can even be considered part of art education, since it won’t be your standard furniture around, but the kind that will enable him or her to enjoy themselves, to unleash their creative potential, allowing their imaginations run free to come up with new ideas and games day after day.


We look forward to fulfilling your wishes!

                                                                                                     SOLVERK Parents Team

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